Thursday, June 17, 2010

CLOSED Blog Design package

A fantastic blog designer named Nicole, aka Mrs. Muffins, has donated one of her "Power Muffin" blog design packages. This package, normally priced at $70, includes

-Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 columns
- Custom header
- Custom background
- "Grab Me" button
- Post signature
- Favicon
- Custom Fonts for sidebars, post titles, and date
- Basic navigation link bar
- Installation

Check out some of her designs here! This is the 2nd package offered for auction so if you missed out on the first one, bid away!

Please bid in the comment section of this post. Bidding ends at 8:00 pm CST Monday, June 21.

The winner will be notified that they won and then they can use the PayPal link here on the blog (on the right hand side) to make their payment. Just click on the link, select "Custom" amount and proceed with the PayPal payment.

Once you have your payment confirmation, please send it to Helen at along with your mailing address so that she can have the item you won mailed to you!


MJ said...

YEEEES! I'll start at $10!

TBetterton said...


The Mrs. said...


HallieK said...

The Mrs. wins for $20

The Mrs. said...

YAY!!!! I won!!!!

I will set up a paypal account and get the money to you!!!

I haven't paypal'ed in years! I don't remember any information!